Optometrist who performed sight test on sleeping patient sanctioned

General Optical Council removes optometrist from the register who failed to provide an adequate standard of care to elderly patients

16 Aug 2017 by Selina Powell

The General Optical Council (GOC) has sanctioned an optometrist who failed to provide an adequate standard of care to retirement home patients.

In a decision published at the beginning of August, a fitness to practise committee erased Colchester optometrist Mark Walker from the register.

The committee found his fitness to practise impaired through misconduct.

Mr Walker altered General Ophthalmic Services paperwork, knowing that he would be paid for submission of the paperwork.

He failed to provide an adequate standard of care to patients in care homes and performed a sight test on a patient who remained asleep for the duration of the test.

GOC fitness to practise committee chair, Eileen Carr, highlighted that the registrant’s actions put patients at risk of harm and were for financial gain.

“The committee was satisfied that the registrant’s actions amount to a serious departure from the relevant professional standards,” she emphasised.

“He acted dishonestly, over a period of time, putting a group of highly vulnerable patients at risk of harm and abusing their trust,” Ms Carr elaborated.

Mr Walker has until 3 September to appeal his erasure. Until this time, he is subject to an immediate suspension order.


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