Driving petition launched

DO starts a petition calling on the Government to do more on the vision standards of drivers

24 Apr 2017 by Emily McCormick

A petition has been created that calls on Government to establish links between the provision of motor insurance and visual standards.

The petition, which has been created by dispensing optician James Cox, calls on motor insurance providers to only offer cover to drivers who can provide evidence of an ‘in date’ eye examination, and the subsequent purchase of spectacles when necessary.

In addition, the petition wants to see changes to the reporting processes that are in place so that practitioners are able to advise the DVLA when a person does not meet the required vision standard without fear of prosecution under patient confidentiality laws.

It also calls for vision standards to be linked to a repeatably measurable snellen acuity and for drivers to be required to have a back up pair of spectacles in the car.

The petition, which has already attracted 402 signatures, states that: “Self referral to the DVLA for poor vision does not work and results in people with vision far below the legal standard remaining on our roads causing accidents and deaths. This is unacceptable and can easily be remedied.”


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