Errors in record keeping prompt sanction

A Tenby optometrist is to be removed from the GOC’s registers

02 Mar 2017 by Selina Powell

A Tenby optometrist is to be removed from the optical regulator’s registers following “multiple failures” in patient care and record keeping.

John Stevenson, who has practised in Wales throughout his career and owns a practice in Tenby, is subject to a conditional registration order that will expire on 29 March. If no appeal against the erasure order is lodged by this date, Mr Stevenson will be removed from the General Optical Council’s (GOC) registers.

GOC fitness to practise committee chair, Ian Crookall, emphasised that the committee viewed Mr Stevenson’s issues with record keeping as symptomatic of an underlying problem.

“He did not recognise the importance of having his records independently audited and assessed,” Mr Crookall highlighted.

“He had been subject to conditional registration for a period of over four years, during which time he had not demonstrated any attempt to correct his practise and had showed a disregard for the GOC’s disciplinary process,” he continued.

Mr Crookall said the committee determined that erasure was the only appropriate and proportionate sanction.

Erasure was necessary to protect the public, he highlighted. The sanction was also needed to maintain public confidence in the profession and the GOC, Mr Crookall concluded. 


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