Hertfordshire practitioner to be erased from register

A dispensing optician has been sanctioned by the General Optical Council

23 Feb 2017 by Selina Powell

A Hertfordshire dispensing optician will be erased from the register after his conduct was found to fall short of the standards expected of the profession.

A decision by the optical regulator found Philip Egan’s fitness to practise impaired by reason of misconduct related to a caution for assault and conviction for harassment.

A decision by the GOC fitness to practise committee found that Mr Egan's actions did not amount to a one-off incident but represented a "sustained and continuous course of conduct over a considerable amount of time."

Committee chair Ian Crookall emphasised that Mr Egan's violent behaviour and dishonesty fell well short of the standards expected from his profession and brought the profession into disrepute.

"Mr Egan has admitted many of the particulars and the committee noted a degree of remorse. It also noted that no question had been raised in relation to his clinical competence," he highlighted.

However, Mr Crookall noted that Mr Egan's insight into his conduct was limited and the committee was not satisfied that he had fully engaged with the consequences of his behaviour. He highlighted that there was a real risk of repetition of the misconduct.

"The sanction of erasure was the only proportionate outcome in this case,” said Mr Crookall.

Mr Egan has until 22 March to appeal his erasure. Until this date, he is suspended from the register and is unable to practise.

If no appeal is lodged, Mr Egan will be erased from the register.


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