DO suspended from GOC registers

Somerset-based dispensing optician receives a three-month suspension for misconduct

GOC sign

Dispensing optician Adrian Pardoe has been suspended from the General Optical Council’s (GOC) registers for three months after his fitness to practise was found to be impaired.

A GOC Fitness to Practise (FTP) committee found Mr Pardoe’s fitness to practise to be impaired following two matters of misconduct by signing a form purporting to be a patient.

Following its decision, chair of the FTP committee said: “The committee noted that the registrant had been in practice for some 20 years, with a previously unblemished record, and that his misconduct was atypical of his normal conduct. However, the committee was of the view that the forging of signatures was a serious matter involving dishonesty and a breach of his duty as a professional, and liable to bring the profession into disrepute.”

The chair added: “The committee was concerned that the registrant lacked insight into the impact of his conduct on the reputation and public confidence in the profession. Given the nature of the misconduct and the registrant’s lack of full insight, the committee is of the view that a finding of impairment is necessary to declare and uphold proper standards of conduct and behaviour so as to maintain public confidence in the profession.”

Mr Pardoe has until 2 September to appeal the decision, after which he will begin a three-month suspension period if an appeal is not lodged.