Optometrist suspended from the GOC register

Arminder Panesar is suspended from the GOC register for four months by the regulator’s fitness to practise committee

GOC sign

Bristol-based optometrist Arminder Panesar has been suspended from the General Optical Council (GOC) register for “matters of misconduct.”

The four-month suspension was given to Mr Panesar by a GOC fitness to practise (FTP) committee that found his fitness to practise impaired by four matters of misconduct. While a number of matters related to the care of two patients, another related to a criminal conviction for driving without proper insurance.

In making its decision, the FTP committee, which was chaired by Ian Crookall, said: “The committee considered that, whilst the registrant had not placed either patient at unwarranted risk of harm, he had breached fundamental tenets of his profession… and had brought his profession into disrepute. While the clinical failings identified were remediable and had mostly been remedied, the registrant failed to demonstrate that his attitudinal problems had been addressed.”

The committee added: “[We] had no confidence that the registrant would not be susceptible in the future to allowing other pressures to override his professional responsibilities as a registrant. [We] considered that a period of suspension would mark the seriousness of the registrant’s misconduct and conviction, and would satisfy the public interest.”

Mr Panesar has until 16 August to appeal the decision, after which the four month suspension period will begin, if an appeal is not lodged. A review hearing will be held around four weeks before the end of the suspension order.