Student optom struck off for falsifying grades

Bradford-based Mohammed Usman Ali was erased from the GOC’s registers for falsifying A-level results on his UCAS application to Aston University


A student optometrist has been erased from the General Optical Council’s (GOC) registers for falsifying examination results.

Mohammed Usman Ali, from Bradford, was struck off for falsifying the results of his A-level examinations on his UCAS application.

In 2014, Mr Ali entered grades of BBA for biology, chemistry and psychology respectively. He also correctly entered that he had previously obtained a 2:1 degree, which secured him a place at Aston University without the need to check A-level results.

However, when asked to supply transcripts of his A-level grades in February 2015, the results were confirmed as DDC, at which point he was withdrawn from the course for providing false information on his application.

In a letter submitted to the GOC, Mr Ali stated: “‘I truly had no intension [sic] or malicious thinking of getting on to the course as I was told by Aston University they only required my previous degree.”

At a fitness to practise (FTP) committee hearing held last month (20 October), the committee found that Mr Ali’s fitness to undertake training was impaired by reason of misconduct.

Chair of the committee, James Kellock, said: “The falsification of grades by the registrant was inappropriate and dishonest. The committee found that the evidence was inconsistent with the registrant’s explanation that he made an innocent mistake.”

Mr Kellock added: “In the committee’s judgment, the registrant has brought the profession into disrepute, breached fundamental tenets of the profession and acted in such a way that his integrity could no longer be relied upon. There is no evidence before the committee to suggest that the Registrant’s misconduct is anything other than a one-off. However, there is no evidence before the committee of remediation or insight. The committee determined that the Registrant’s registration should be erased.”

Mr Ali is now unable to continue his training in the UK or to apply for full registration with the GOC.