Student optom struck off for burglary conviction

Greater Manchester-based Gurinder Ranshi was erased from the GOC’s registers for his role in an aggravated burglary in 2012

18 Sep 2015 by Ryan O'Hare

A student optometrist from Greater Manchester has been erased from the General Optical Council’s registers for a criminal conviction of aggravated burglary.

Gurinder Ranshi, a former optometry student at the University of Bradford, was convicted by Manchester Crown Court along with two others in October 2013. He was sentenced to seven and a half years imprisonment for his part in the 2012 burglary in which a man was beaten with a metal bar.

At a fitness to practise hearing on 15 September, the committee discussed the seriousness of the offence. His ability to undertake training was deemed impaired by reason of his criminal conviction and for bringing the profession into disrepute.

Commenting on the severity of the case, chair of the committee, Rachel O’Connell, said: “The registrant and others forcibly entered the home of victims who had been targeted. Weapons were taken to the premises and violence was used, albeit not by the registrant. Nevertheless, this was a joint enterprise.”

Mr Ranshi is now unable to undertake training to qualify as an optometrist in the UK.