NICE considers ciclosporin recommendation for dry eye

Appraisal body calls for more information from drug company before issuing final guidance to NHS on dry eye treatment

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The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has today (June 23) published guidance on the use of ciclosporin for dry eye patients with severe keratitis.

The preliminary recommendations state that the drug can be used in patients unresponsive to artificial tears, however, the appraisal body has asked for more information from Santen Pharmaceutical – which markets the drug under the brand name Ikervis.

Director of the Centre for Health Technology Evaluation at NICE, Professor Carole Longson, said: “Severe dry eye disease can be painful and can have a significant negative effect on day-to-day life for people with the condition.”

“Professor Longson added: “Unfortunately, because of gaps and uncertainties in the evidence submitted by the company, NICE’s independent committee was minded not to recommend cisclosporin for this condition. The next step is for the company to submit further information requested by the committee which will then be considered at its next meeting in August.”

According to the NICE appraisal committee, there were insufficient data around the relative cost and clinical effectiveness of the treatment.

The preliminary guidance has now been published online and final guidance is expected to be issued to the NHS in September.