Locum Day 2024: Multifocal contact lenses, emergency conditions, keratoconus

Webinar recordings from a day of education dedicated to locum optometrists have been uploaded to the OT  Education library

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Multifocal fitting success, emergency eye conditions, and understanding keratoconus, were key topics on the agenda at the Locum Day event hosted on 23 June.

The day of online education delivered by OT, in partnership with the AOP and the vision team at Johnson & Johnson as headline sponsor, was designed to support locum optometrists in key areas of clinical practice across five webinar sessions. The event saw attendance of more than 1630 across the five sessions.

Recordings of each webinar have now been made available on the OT Education library.

The first webinar of the day was delivered by Lorcan Butler, dispensing optician and optometrist working with The Brain Tumour Charity, who shared: Top neuro-optometric presentations that a locum cannot afford to miss.

The presentation covered four areas that a locum practitioner might not see routinely, but needs to be aware of, and the management of these cases from a locum perspective.

The differences in design and material properties of multifocal soft contact lenses were discussed in the second webinar, First fit success with soft multifocal contact lenses.

Optometrists and professional affairs consultants with Johnson & Johnson, Marie-Therese Hall and Preete Kumar, explored how this information on contact lens design and materials, along with the manufacturer’s fit guide, can support first fit success.

Independent prescribing optometrist, Magda Jamroz, delivered a session on Navigating the current landscape of keratoconus – a guide for locum optometrists.

The webinar focused on how keratoconus can affect vision quality, how to investigate keratoconus in practice and make safe and appropriate referrals. The session also summarised topography interpretation and management options.

The fourth education session saw Dr Peter Hampson, optometrist and clinical and professional director at the AOP, discuss How to avoid becoming a clinical negligence statistic.

Hampson shared common errors seen in clinical negligence claims, how to be aware of them, and how to mitigate and avoid them, as well as covering common conditions seen in claims.

The final session of the day focused on Eye emergencies – through the eyes of the locum optometrist with Stanley Keys, offering an overview of the most common urgent situations.

Catch up on the topics from Locum Day by watching the webinar recordings.