Notice of the AOP Annual General Meeting

The AGM to be held virtually in November 2020


To all members of the Association of Optometrists, the AGM of the Association of Optometrists will be held virtually, via Zoom, on 4 November 2020. The AGM will commence at 12pm.

All members wishing to attend are invited to register their interest with Liz Routh, [email protected] by 12pm, 3 November. 

Agenda for the AOP’s AGM 2020

1. Introduction by the chairman

2. To receive and approve the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting, held on 11 June 2019

3. Roll of deceased members

4. To receive the chairman’s report

5. To receive the chairman of Finance Committee's report

6. To approve the Annual Financial Report and Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2019

7. To consider and, if thought correct, approve the proposal of the Board that BDO LLP be re-appointed as the Association’s auditors

8. Any other business.

By Order of the Directors. Henrietta Alderman, chief executive, 2 Woodbridge Street, London EC1R ODG

1. Please note that a full set of the 2019 Annual Report and Financial Statements will be available at

2. A member entitled to attend and vote at the meeting convened by the notice set out above is entitled to appoint a proxy to exercise all or any of his or her rights to attend and speak and vote in his or her place. A proxy need not be a member of the Association.

3. A form of proxy is available on the AOP website at To be effective, the instrument for appointing a proxy must be deposited with the Association’s chief executive at the Association’s office ([email protected]) no later than 3.45pm on Friday 30 October 2020. Completion of the proxy does not preclude a member from subsequently attending and voting at the meeting in person if he or she so wishes.

Agenda for the Benevolent Fund AGM 2020

1. Apologies for absence

2. Address by Susan Wilford, chair of the Trustees

3. To receive the Minutes of the 20th Annual General Meeting of the Benevolent Fund of the Association of Optometrists and the College of Optometrists, held on 25 February 2019

4. To receive the Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 30 September, 2019

5. To note that Vivian Bush, Lisa Gerson and Henry Leonard retire by rotation as Trustees. Mr Leonard and Ms Gerson will retire but Mr Bush have been re-appointed for a further three-year term. The AOP has nominated Aishah Fazlanie to join the Board

6. To confirm the appointment of an Independent Examiner to the Fund for the year 2019/2020

7. Any other business.

By order of the Trustees. Lynne Brown, administrative secretary

Read the AOP Annual Report 2020 here.