AOP Awards

“It is fantastic to have recognition for the team’s success”

The Optometry-Led Glaucoma and Urgent Care Service Team at Moorfields Eye Hospital tells OT  how dedication, confidence and teaching led to its AOP Awards 2020 Hospital Optometry Team of the Year win

Moorfields Eye Hospital team
Ben Wright

How does it feel to win the AOP Awards 2020 Hospital Optometry Team of the Year?

It is fantastic to have recognition for the team's success and all the hard work that has gone into developing the optometry-led services for our patients over the last two years.

Why do you think you won the award and what made the team stand out? 

The key to achieving success has been designing a new model of care so that appropriately risk stratified patients can be safely and effectively managed independently by optometrists who are utilising their specialist skills to full effect. This has been achieved by close mentorship from ophthalmologists and the dedication of the team of optometrists in attaining new skills and knowledge through higher qualifications.

As a team, what has been your biggest achievement in the past year?

Great, positive patient feedback for the optometry-led services at Moorfields.

We are proud, elated and grateful to those who voted for us


What are the team’s three best attributes and why?

Dedication: it took many months of planning to realise this project and the leads are fully committed to maintaining the high standards of patient care through supporting the optometrists working in the services.

Teaching: these clinics are providing a platform for new to extended clinical role optometrists to develop their skills and knowledge in specialist areas of glaucoma and urgent care practice.

Confidence: the team has demonstrated that they can win the confidence of their patients and other colleagues in providing a high quality solution to the growing demand for outpatient care.

What is the secret to a successful hospital optometry team?

A successful optometry team evolves from the close working relationship we have with our medical colleagues and being prepared to innovate when current pathways are no longer sufficient to manage our demand.

What’s the best thing about working in a hospital environment?

Having the opportunity to work across many sub-specialities while at the same time using our core skills as optometrists to care and manage patients with complex refractive needs. In other words, it pushes you clinically to reach your full potential as eye care professionals and provides you with the opportunity to learn a huge amount from a wide multi-disciplinary team.