AOP leaflet on myopia management in young people now available

It is hoped the new leaflet will reinforce the advice practitioners offer parents

frames and eye chart
The AOP has produced a new leaflet on myopia management to assist practitioners who are offering treatment for children and young people.

The leaflet has been designed to help practitioners explain myopia and possible treatment options following eye examinations.

It is hoped that it will also reinforce the advice that practitioners pass on to their patients or their parents or legal guardians.

The AOP has released a consent form to be used alongside the leaflet. It advises that practitioners ask parents or legal guardians to read the leaflet, and then allow them to sign the consent form once it’s clear that they understand the information being presented.

A copy of the consent form should be held by the practitioner with the patient’s records.

Members can find out more about informed consent and juvenile myopia control on the AOP’s website.

You can download the leaflet by logging into the AOP’s site.