Surgical options for refractive error to be explored at 100% Optical

Allon Barsam will tell optometrists about the latest developments and what surgical options they should consider

Allon Barsam

Director of Ophthalmic Consultants of London, Allon Barsam, will discuss the risks, benefits and indications for surgical options for treating refractive error at 100% Optical 2020.

The ophthalmologist’s presentation, Refractive surgery in 2020: the state of the art, takes place at the Main Stage on 26 January at 10:15am.

Speaking to OT, Mr Barsam explained that the session will cover the latest vision correction options including laser eye surgery and lens-based solutions.

“One exciting development is that we have a lot more outcome safety data now. The very first vision correction procedures were carried out in the late 80s and LASIK from the mid-90s, so we now have 20-30 year outcome data on these interventions,” he said.

Watch Allon Barsam speak to OT about his presentation at 100% Optical 2020