GOS pilot by NHS England to launch in London area

Local contract administration tasks being taken on by NHSBSA

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The AOP is alerting members to a General Ophthalmic Services (GOC) contract application pilot by NHS England.

In a briefing note to contractors earlier this week (27 August), NHS England highlighted that the pilot will take place in the London region and will be administered by NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA). The pilot will begin on Monday 16 September.

NHS England stated that the aim of the pilot is to “identify the best way to administer contract applications and voluntary terminations” in order to create a “standardised and consistent approach.”

“The pilot will be evaluated no earlier than three months from the start date to identify the best way to progress with a national rollout. It is anticipated that the pilot will last three months,” NHS England added.

The new process is based on guidance in the NHS England Eye Health policy book. Applicants are advised to go to the NHSBSA website and download the relevant GOS Contract Application form.

Following the pilot’s launch on 16 September, all new GOS contract applications for the London region will need to be submitted this way. Contractors with queries can contact NHSBSA by email or call 0300 330 9403.

Dr Peter Hampson, AOP clinical director, said: “This pilot is the latest in a number of recent projects by NHS England to provide additional support to their regional offices. Members should be assured that the regulations underpinning this process remains unchanged. The aim is to move the administration to a central office which, if the pilot is successful, will hopefully provide a more consistent and accessible system for practices.”

If AOP members have any problems arising from this process, they can contact the regulatory team.

Image credit: Getty/vtwinpixel