AOP updates on CET claims for 2019 in England and Wales

The window for practitioners performing GOS sight tests in England and Wales to claim for 2018 CET is now open

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Optometrists and ophthalmic medical practitioners who perform General Ophthalmic Services (GOS) in England and Wales can now claim their grant for CET undertaken in 2018. 

The AOP is reminding members to visit the CET claim forms and guide advice page on its website, following Primary Care Support England (PCSE)’s latest email bulletin. PCSE is the body that processes ophthalmic payments in England. 

The AOP page includes advice on who is eligible to claim, the process for claiming by country and frequently asked questions.

In England and Wales, the window for 2019 claims for CET taken in 2018 opened today (1 July) and closes on 31 October. Claim forms for 2019 have been published and uploaded to the AOP’s advice page ahead of the claim window opening.

PCSE has said that all 2017 CET claims submitted in 2018 should have now been paid. The AOP advises that “queries regarding unpaid 2017 CET claims should be made through the online enquiry form on the PCSE website.”

When submitting the completed 2019 CET claim form to PCSE, the AOP advises members to submit CET claims via the online form, adding: “This provides a case reference number and is simpler to process, but you can continue to send your claim via post, if you prefer.”

The AOP encourages members to ensure they “complete all the mandatory fields on the enquiries form, including the ODS code (also known as TP code). If you do not know the Organisation Data Service (ODS) code for your practice, you can look this up on the ODS Portal provided by NHS Digital.”

Because of problems with payment of claims in 2016 and 2017, the AOP strongly advises that if members decide to send their claim by post, they send it by recorded delivery and keep a copy of the original claim for their records.

The AOP highlights that claim forms submitted by email will not be processed for payment by PCSE.

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