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“Zeiss has raised its standards of eye care and differentiated itself”

Head of professional services at Zeiss Vision Care UK, Debbie Laughton, speaks about the benefits of its UV Protect lenses as it receives the AOP Awards Product of the Year accolade

AOP Product of the Year Award winners

What three words sum up your feeling of winning?

Successful, confident, proud.

What does winning this AOP award mean to Zeiss?

We are incredibly proud of winning the AOP Awards 2019 Product of the Year accolade.

Describe the purpose of the product and how it came to fruition?

Daylight exposes us to a lot of UV radiation. Chronic UV radiation exposure can cause accelerated ageing of the skin around the eyes and it is implicated in the development of ocular conditions.

Spectacles can provide significant eye and eyelid protection from UV. People don’t typically wear sunglasses on cloudy, overcast days. However, it is estimated that nearly 70% of the UK population wear prescription glasses to help them see. Yet, some of the most popular lens materials do not completely block the most intense source of UV radiation – the solar spectrum between 380 and 400nm, which accounts for 40% of the total amount of solar UV irradiance.

With the launch of UVProtect lens technology, Zeiss has raised its standards of eye care and differentiated itself from other market offerings by providing full UV protection up to 400nm in all clear plastic lenses, without compromising clarity.

The public are becoming increasingly more conscious of their health and wellbeing


How does the lens support practitioners in clinical practice?

The public is becoming increasingly more conscious of their health and wellbeing, looking for ways to stay active and healthy. A recent survey found that 99% of spectacle wearers think it’s important to protect the eyes from UV and 99% of consumers agree that sunglass-level UV protection in clear lenses would be beneficial.

Feedback from wearers has also been positive. In a wearer trial carried out by Zeiss in 2018, 95% of wearers were satisfied with the clarity and aesthetics of Zeiss UVProtect lenses.

What tips do you have for practices when it comes to deciding what lenses to offer?

At Zeiss, we believe our innovative lens portfolio allows practices to offer customised visual solutions based on patients’ needs and requirements. 

In addition to UVProtect technology, innovations from Zeiss include the first anti-reflective coating and state-of-the-art freeform technology. Our lens portfolio includes innovations such as the award-winning Zeiss DriveSafe: designed to meet the vision needs of people who want to feel safer and more comfortable when driving with their everyday lenses; and the Zeiss Precision progressive lens range: designed to respond to changing consumer trends and requirements in today’s world. 

For more information on the AOP Awards 2020, visit the AOP website. Nominations are now open. 


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