AOP Awards

“Our skills and knowledge are far more powerful collectively”

Directors and specialist optometrists at Parker & Hammond Opticians, Dipesh Chhatralia and Sachin Patel, on building a strong optical team that support each other in providing the best patient care

Optical Team of the Year

How does it feel to win in three words?

Honoured, proud, excited.

What does winning this AOP award mean for the team?

It’s an amazing sense of achievement for the whole team to be recognised by a national award. The team is absolutely elated.

What is the secret to a successful optical team?

To be successful there has to be mutual respect for one another and a cohesion between the team to work towards our common goal of providing outstanding eye care to all our patients and the very best customer experience on all levels.

Selecting the right people to work in our business is important in order to ensure that they share our vision to be at the forefront of delivering exceptional eye care. Training and supporting staff to feel comfortable at work with the correct environment all goes towards making people feel happy, which in turn allows them to perform to the best of their ability and leads to success.

To be successful there has to be mutual respect for one another and cohesion between the team


What is the best thing about working as part of a team?

Working as part of a team is great because you can share and evolve each other’s ideas in order to improve and be better tomorrow than we are today. Staff can collaborate with one another as everyone has different attributes – our skills and knowledge are far more powerful collectively. Working well as a team allows colleagues to help each other and ensure that our patients always get the best service and are looked after to the highest standards.

Optical Team of the Year
Optical Team of the Year

What are the team’s three best attributes and why?

  1. Our aspiration to be the best and deliver outstanding customer service – we all take immense pride in our work and believe in what we do
  2. Team cohesion – to be a successful team there has to be a strong bond between the staff and a desire to help and work together
  3. Staff loyalty – longstanding staff members help create consistency for our patients and allow us to have a stable foundation to build on for the future and this has been extremely important for our success.

For more information on the AOP Awards 2020, visit the AOP website. Nominations are now open.