“I find it quite exciting; I like the jet of air in the eye”

Comedian, Jo Caulfield, who will host the AOP Awards later this month, discusses her eye care experiences

Jo Caulfield

How regularly do you go for an eye test and how do you find it?

I go whenever the opticians tells me to. I find it quite exciting; I like the jet of air in the eye. It never fails to make me scream and jump out of the chair.

How long have you worn glasses for and what prompted you to go for your first eye test?

Since I became short sighted in my teens.

Why is regular eye care important for you?

Because I like seeing. I know regular checks are important. My husband has glaucoma, but it is not a problem as it was found during a regular eye test.

You wear glasses sometimes, what do you wear glasses for?

I wear glasses to give my eyes a rest from contact lenses. I also wear glasses as a fashion choice if I put my hair up; I like that 1950s secretary look. Plus, there are such great glasses available now. I also need glasses for reading if I am wearing my contacts.

How many pairs of glasses and sunglasses do you own?

About eight. 

Can you describe your favourite pair? 

They are a big, square black frame. They are Prada, but from Boots.

Who would you pick as your frame style icon and why?

There are lots of people who wear glasses now for fashion. Personally, I just love the classic cats eye 50s-style frames.

The AOP Awards will be hosted during a black tie gala dinner and ceremony at ExCeL London on 13 January. To book a place at the AOP Awards, visit the AOP website

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