How will Brexit affect optometry?

The AOP policy team has published guidance on optics-related questions in the lead up to the March 2019 Brexit deadline

European Union flag

The AOP has published answers to common questions that practitioners may be pondering as the deadline for Brexit nears.

The guidance covers a broad range of topics, from providing treatment to visitors from the European Union (EU) after Brexit, to the impact on eye health services and the effect on the EU-based rules that optical practices follow (for example, employment rights and data protection).

AOP policy director, Tony Stafford, explained: “As we get nearer to the March 2019 Brexit deadline, we knew some members would be thinking about how Brexit could affect their work and their businesses.”

“We cannot yet give definitive answers on most of the big issues, because there’s so much political uncertainty around Brexit – including about the UK Government’s policy, whether it can reach agreement with the EU, and how Parliament would react to any agreement. But our guidance aims to explain the issues and what might happen.”

The AOP policy team will update the guidance as more information becomes available.

The Brexit resource is available on the AOP’s website.

Image credit: Hakan Dahlstrom