AOP myth busts during National Eye Health Week

OT ’s clinical editor for multimedia has dispelled some of the most common myths relating to sight

21 Sep 2017 by Andrew McClean

Optometrist and OT clinical editor for multimedia, Ceri Smith-Jaynes, has been myth busting for National Eye Health Week (NEHW), which runs from 18–24 September.

Ms Smith-Jaynes has dispelled some eye health related myths, such as how long to spend in front of a screen, looking at your phone before going to sleep and avoiding myopia.

The insight was shared as part of the AOP’s NEHW activity, which also includes discussion regarding minor eye conditions services (MECS) with the AOP’s clinical director, Dr Peter Hampson.

Dr Hampson explained the value of MECS and how it can be used. He said: “The service means that an optometrist or contact lens optician, who is specifically accredited to provide MECS, can now see patients for a non-sight related examinations like red eye or flashes and floaters.”

His comments also featured in the Specsavers sponsored Sunday Telegraph supplement.

The AOP’s head of education and OT’s clinical editor, Dr Ian Beasley, also shared some insight on eye tests this week.

Dr Beasley explained: “It might be necessary for you to have a more regular check-up, for example, as you get older, to monitor your vision; your optometrist will advise you.”

Visit the AOP’s website for further information on its NEHW activity. 


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