Specialist Optometrist

Job summary: 

  • To work closely with the line manager in order to deliver a comprehensive range of core optometric services within SWBH and outreach clinics to the highest standards of quality and care
  • Participation in the delivery of highly complex specialist optometric services and a range of extended role activities within Ophthalmology services (including glaucoma, macula, medical retina, emergency department) that meet the changing needs of the Directorate and other outside agencies
  • Participation in highly complex Optometry services, including specialist medical contact lenses, visual impairment rehabilitation and complex/specialist adult and paediatric refractions
  • To provide teaching and training at post graduate level for multiple disciplines within ophthalmology. 

Main Responsibilities:


  • To undertake a wide range of sub-specialty clinical services involving advanced optometric extended roles as well as core optometry services. These include refraction (routine, diagnostic and paediatric), specialist medical contact lens management (including gas permeable scleral lens fitting), corneal topography, visual impairment rehabilitation, and may include advanced diabetic retinopathy management and assisting with in-house comprehensive spectacle dispensing. These require frequent, prolonged periods of intense concentration and frequent exposure to distressing or emotional circumstances. An extensive personal clinical commitment to these services is required
  • To undertake a broad range of sub-speciality roles involving extended Optometric skills. This includes extended role activities within Ophthalmology clinics. (e.g. glaucoma, emergency department, macula, medical retina) under the supervision of the Ophthalmology team. This requires highly specialist knowledge and period of training with the Consultant Ophthalmologist and includes the clinical management of Ophthalmic patients including assessment, investigation, interpretation of findings and treatment as recommended by extended role speciality protocol
  • To provide a refraction, logMAR visual acuity and contrast sensitivity measurement service for the Optometry department and the research department of SWBH including clinical trials. This not only requires frequent, prolonged periods of intense concentration, attention to detail and rapid mental arithmetic skills but also the ability to empathise, reassure, persuade and motivate, in order to achieve accurate acuity and contrast sensitivity measurements. 


  • Delegated responsibility by the line manager for the management, supervision and administration of certain activities within the Department and its personnel. These include COSHH, Health and Safety issues and contact lens stock monitoring
  • To work closely with the line manager to ensure professional standards are achieved and maintained at all times, for the provision of highest quality hospital optometry services
  • To contribute to the planning and organisation of a broad range of complex activities, some of which may be on going, which require regular review
  • To contribute to delivering income generation and cost improvement programs
  • Management of certain aspects of the departmental information and information systems as delegated by the line manager to ensure the accurate collection of appropriate data within the Department
  • To work closely with the line manager in order to implement and encourage best practice wherever possible. The post holder is guided by principles and broad occupational policies, regulations and guidance provided by the line manager 
  • To work closely with the line manager in developing professional clinical performance and audit these on a regular basis
  • To maintain harmonious working relationships and efficient communication with all staff throughout the Directorate, Trust and outside agencies
  • To contribute to operational planning for the Department. This may involve dealing with some complex, sensitive and contentious information. The post holder will be expected to provide advice, instruction or training to groups where the subject matter is generally straightforward 
  • Responsibility to ensure that the Department abides by all Trust corporate policies and that all Health and Safety and COSHH regulations are complied with
  • To supply accurate information to the line manager when requested in order to deal with complaints at a departmental level. 

 Teaching and training

  • Responsibility for the clinical actions of pre-registration optometrists. The post holder is a pre-registration supervisor approved by The College of Optometrists for the purposes of postgraduate clinical training required by the core curriculum defined by the General Optical Council (GOC)
  • To undertake teaching and training of registered optometrists, pre-registration optometrists (including external students), final year optometry students, orthoptic students and medical students
  • To undertake optometric training of post graduate medical staff (i.e. Senior House Officers and Specialist Registrars) in preparation for The Royal College of Ophthalmologists examinations
  • To participate in continuing education and training (CET) as required by The General Optical Council (GOC)
  • To contribute to continuing education and training (CET) at a national level. This is through approved study leave procedures where necessary
  • To personally participate in continuing professional development (as required by The General Optical Council. This is through approved study leave procedures where necessary
  • Mandatory training – to attend mandatory training courses as required by SWBH. These courses may require attendance on days outside of normal contracted hours. 

 Clinical Governance and Clinical Audit

  • To undertake systematic and critical analysis of the quality of care in the Optometry Department (including diagnosis, treatment, outcomes and quality of life for patients) as delegated by the line manager
  • To participate in clinical audit and contribute to collaborative undertakings with other departments providing ophthalmology services.

Due to relocation of the current post holder an exciting opportunity has become available for a Specialist Optometrist (Band 7) to join the Optometry team supporting core Optometry and extended role Ophthalmology services at the Birmingham & Midland Eye Centre. This opportunity is suitable for experienced Optometrists with specialist clinical skills and an expert knowledge base in Ophthalmology including some, but not all, of the following subspecialties: Glaucoma, Corneal, medical Retina and Urgent Care Clinics. Complex adult and paediatric refractions as well as Medical contact lens fitting will be an essential core Optometry skill requirement.

The post holder will be a key member of the sub speciality teams within the Ophthalmic Departments at Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Trust.

Please apply via NHS jobs

For any queries please contact Dr Waheeda Illahi (Head of Optometry)

If applying for this role, please mention that you saw the advert on the OT website.