Location: 138 Harley Street, Westminster, W1G 7LA

Recruiter name: London Vision Clinic

Role: Optometrist

Employer type: Independent, Industry

Contract type: Permanent

Hours: Full-time

Salary range: £60,000 - £69,999

Recruiter type: Direct employer

Closing date:

Full time optometrist required at the London Vision Clinic; one of the UK's leading refractive surgery clinics for corneal refractive surgery

Apply for this position

  • Excellent clinical acumen
  • The ability to deal with high stress environments in pro-active manner
  • The ability to differentiate between important and urgent tasks, and prioritise and complete multiple tasks
  • The need to demonstrate flexibility; including duties, hours of work, breaks, working conditions, working with team members, protocols and procedures, updates in knowledge etc
  • An openness to change and growth, and take on greater levels of responsibility and performance
  • The ability to communicate and interact effectively, calmly and compassionately during points of contact with patients and staff alike
  • Evidence of higher qualifications or professional development (eg Masters, Post Graduate Diploma)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Working knowledge of a simple database application, including Word, Excel, email and the internet
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Excellent organisational skills.