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Tuned in to trends

Selin Olmsted, of the eponymous eyewear design and product development studio, spoke to OT  about key eyewear trends shaping the sector at 100% Optical 2024

OT gained an insight into burgeoning eyewear trends in discussion with Selin Olmsted, creative director of an eyewear design and product development studio at 100% Optical 2024.

Selin Olmsted Studio established the 2025 Eyewear Trend Report, analysing how key trends could affect eyewear design, development and merchandising.

Sharing findings from the report, Olmsted told OT: “What we see is really fascinating. What is happening is almost like a polarisation in the trend world.”

Previous seasons have seen the rise of statement eyewear: thick, chunky, expressive styles.

“We still see the effects of this and it’s still in the market and popular. However, lately there has been a 180-degree turn in another direction, and that is ultra-light,” Olmsted explained.

Innovation by eyewear and material manufacturers is enabling extra thin acetates, while beta titanium has become a popular metal for its lightweight feel.

“As far as colours go: greens galore,” she added. These range from light shades, such as pastel greens; to medium tones like loden, hunter, mist, khaki; to deeper variants like dark emeralds, oaks, and earthy greens.

“Green, I think, is a fascinating colour, because in all shades it can be quite diverse and it can go well with many different complexions,” Olmsted shared.

The speed of eyewear fulfilment is becoming very important in practices, she pointed out, adding that more eye care professionals (ECPs) are willing to provide private label prescription lenses fulfilled by new independent labs.

Consumer purchasing behaviours are also shifting when it comes to choosing eyewear, and the sector needs to keep pace.

"Customers are educating themselves with social media and other media platforms. They take screenshots of the eyewear they love,” Olmsted told OT. “I think as ECPs it’s important we follow the same platforms, stay tuned to what they are following and desiring to wear.”

This is where trends come in, Olmsted said: “When we follow these trends, and are on top of it, we can arrange our seasonal buying at fairs like 100% Optical towards that and tell the story of that eyewear to our customers.”