Boots collaborates with Dr Alicia Thompson

The Star Fit collection has been created using learnings from the analysis of more than 1300 children’s faces

A girl looking at the camera wearing Star Fit glasses
Boots Opticians

Boots Opticians has partnered with dispensing optician Dr Alicia Thompson to release Star Fit, a children’s frame collection that is designed using analysis of children’s faces to improve the fit. 

Through the collaboration with the multiple, Thompson utilised research and data gathered from the analysis of more than 1300 children’s faces.  

Suitable for children aged two and above, Boots Opticians highlighted that as well as facial parameter consideration, the frame range has been designed with comfort, safety and vision in mind. Features on the frames, which are manufactured by Millmead Optical, include a lower bridge position, and wider angles and widths to support the developing bridge.

Boots Opticians acknowledged that children regularly look upwards and, as a result, can end up gazing over the top of their lenses. The lens shape and bridge position utilised through this collection has been designed with this in mind to ensure wearers look through the correct part of the lens.  

Commenting on the collaboration, Thompson said: “I am passionate about improving the fit of spectacles for our youngest patients. Fitting a suitable frame effectively gives that child clear, comfortable vision that will enable them to fulfil their full potential in life. We now know more about children’s facial parameters and how they grow, the influence of ethnicity, gender and Down’s syndrome. Dispensing opticians will now have access to more products that they can fit and adjust to all children more effectively.”  

Head of professional services and capability at Boots Opticians, Kyla Black, said: “Until recently, most paediatric-glasses frames have been designed as a scaled-down version of an adult frame. This design flaw often means the frame slides down the nose until it finds anchorage, sometimes resulting in children looking over the top of their glasses.  

“Dr Thompson’s expertise in understanding the nuances of facial parameters is crucial to frame fit and has paved the way for this exceptional collection. Boots Opticians is delighted to be the first High Street retailer to offer this ground-breaking eyewear solution for children.”