Loud and clear: Bayfields practice introduces Lyric hearing aid

The Fleet practice has become one of 66 audiology suites in the country to be selected to dispense the technology

A Bayfields Opticians and Audiology practice in Fleet has introduced the ‘invisible’ permanent hearing aid solution, Lyric, becoming one of 66 audiology suites in the country able to prescribe and dispense the technology to patients.

The practice has recently completed a refurbishment to create a dedicated audiology suite, the first Bayfields practice to do so, investing in specialist equipment including ear nose and throat (ENT) microscopes and sound-proofed booths.

Audiology professionals working in the practice have received specialist training to fit Lyric aids and patients are able to purchase a subscription from the team for the hearing aid solution.

The Lyric aid, manufactured by Phonak, is fitted deep into the ear canal and so remains ‘invisible’ for up to eight weeks, when it will be replaced. The solution requires no batteries or charging.

Claire Saywell, senior audiology practitioner at Bayfields Opticians and Audiologists in Fleet, said: “We’ve long been focused on improving the entire audiology experience for the Fleet community.”

Saywell suggested that the creation of the new audiology suite can “meet the rising demand for an accessible hearing testing experience,” while providing the Bayfields service and suggested that the recognition from Phonak is a testament to the work of the practice.

Research suggests up to 75% of ears are suited to Lyric aids, with the company suggesting they offer a “more clear and natural sound, increased comfort and proven relief from tinnitus symptoms.”

Head of audiology for Bayfields, Paul Jackson, explained that Lyric has not been seen in Fleet or the surrounding communities before, commenting: “Your choice of hearing aid needs to be a lifestyle fit; there are a wealth of hearing solutions available on the market today, but we want to go much further beyond that and offer our clients the chance to benefit from solutions that genuinely change their lives.”

“For Phonak to select us to be its local provider of Lyric recognises the investment we are making as a business into delivering transformative hearing services and solutions,” he continued, adding that the new facility, while clinical in its capabilities, “now looks more like a boutique suite and has everything we need to offer an extra level comfort.”

Opening a specialist suite

The practice opened its new audiology suite earlier this year, with Saywell suggesting this was a "great step forwards in offering the latest technology to our clients, as well as opening up the option to provide full time audiology services.”

Commenting on the response the new facilities have received, she told OT: "Clients have commented on how they really like the new look and feel in the practice and, particularly in the audiology suite, they've been really impressed with the specialist equipment we've had installed.

“I really enjoy welcoming clients into the suite and seeing their reaction, it all adds to the client experience,” she added.