OutsideClinic launches employee wellbeing strategy

The domiciliary provider has set up a taskforce to implement the strategy, which is supported by wellbeing social enterprise Tasting Colours

Lynda Oliver

Domiciliary eye care and audiology provider, OutsideClinic, has launched a new employee wellbeing strategy.

The company has set up a taskforce, led by its head of HR, Lynda Oliver, to explore and implement the wellbeing strategy, focused on supporting employees to “reach their potential and thrive.”

The company explained that it has launched the new strategy in a bid to “become the employer of choice in optics and audiology,” as it seeks to grow its workforce following an increase in demand for domiciliary services of 50%.

OutsideClinic aims to grow its team of 86 optometrists over the next nine months to 125 optometrists, along with 12 audiologists and a further 12 support team staff.

The company said it aims to create an environment where people can be “happy at work, and consistently perform at their best, with transparent and open working practices.”

The project is informed by the findings of an assessment into levels of wellbeing within OutsideClinic run by wellbeing social enterprise, Tasting Colours.

As part of the new strategy, the company is piloting Tasting Colours’ six-week wellbeing programme with 30 employees from across the business. Tasting Colours is working directly with the employees to increase wellbeing and build personalised wellbeing plans.

Each employee’s wellbeing score was noted prior to the pilot, and any changes will be monitored regularly during the six weeks. If successful, the company plans to roll the wellbeing programme out further.

Commenting on the plans, Oliver highlighted the importance of employee wellbeing, adding, “we also know that leads to better care for the 100,000 patients we see annually.

“I’m looking forward to working with my task force team colleagues to put wellbeing at the centre of everything we do as a company,” Oliver continued, adding that, though the pilot programme has only just begun, early indications suggest “it is already having a hugely positive impact on the wellbeing of participants, which is very encouraging, giving us real confidence that we have the right processes in place.”

OutsideClinic has already named a number of wellbeing champions to support Oliver: Yvonne Hanley, payroll, pensions and HR manager, and Mike Neale, finance director, with more to be appointed over the coming months.

Richard Gibson, managing director of OutsideClinic, said: “We know that our people are the difference when it comes to us delivering extraordinary care to thousands of patients every week and we’re committed to doing everything possible to foster an open and supportive culture where everyone can thrive and realise their full potential.”

The company was acquired by healthcare investment company, Optimism Health Group, in 2020. Gibson explained that, since the acquisition, the group has “driven transformative change within the business, helping us to create a modern workplace and to place even greater focus on our culture and the wellbeing of our exceptional team.”

OutsideClinic is a supporter of the Mindful Employer Initiative and a signatory of its charter.