Duncan and Todd focuses on IP

25% of the group’s optometrists are IP-qualified

Duncan and Todd employee
Scottish optical group Duncan and Todd has announced that 25% of the optometrists it employs are now qualified independent prescribers.

The opticians, which has a portfolio of 41 practices across Scotland, confirmed that an additional four optometrists had gained their independent prescribing qualification in the last year.

With a quarter of its workforce now qualified to prescribe certain medications, Duncan and Todd believes it enables the business “to offer an enhanced service to its patients.”

Professional services manager at Duncan and Todd, Julie Mosgrove, said: “Optometrists in Scotland average around 22% of IP qualified optometrists so to have so many IP qualified employees, and more in the process, underline the scope of our expertise within the industry.”

“Our staff are now able to help patients on a more instant basis, potentially offering a diagnosis and prescribing the correct medicine for conditions affecting the eye. It’s extremely valuable for us to have staff who can prescribe, where suitable, an NHS prescription,” Ms Mosgrove highlighted.