Ian Wright fronts Specsavers eye health advert

The former footballer turned pundit has also shared his family’s eye health story

Ian Wright
Former Arsenal and England footballer, Ian Wright, is the face of a new Specsavers TV advert that promotes eye health.

The campaign runs throughout September and October as part of the multiple’s efforts to promote National Eye Health Week, which runs from 23–29 September.

Speaking about the campaign, Mr Wright, said: “I want to support National Eye Health Week as it puts a spotlight on the need for everyone to take care of their eyes, highlighting the conditions that could be preventable or better managed through regular checks. I can’t stress enough how important an eye test is.”

“I couldn’t do my job without good eyesight. Whether I’m sat in the stands watching a game, or in a studio commentating, I need to see things clearly, especially the names on the back of the shirts. Otherwise my commentary could be completely wrong,” he added.

The advert extends Specsavers’ Don’t lose the picture campaign, which encourages people over the age of 40 to have regular sight tests.

Specsavers explained that it features iconic images and famous paintings that are replaced with a written description that does not compare to seeing them in person.

Mr Wright, who has worn spectacles for 15 years, is particularly passionate about eye health as his family has a history of glaucoma.

“My cousin had glaucoma and went totally blind. Over time his eyes gradually got worse until he needed a white stick because he had completely lost his vision,” he shared.

Optometrist at Specsavers and co-director of the Plymouth group of practice, Dr Josie Forte, explained: “People over 40 and those of African descent are more prone to glaucoma and therefore should have their eyes tested regularly.”