Specsavers offers guide to all pre-regs

The multiple has revamped its study guide

Bhargavi and Satvinder talking
Specsavers has revamped its student and pre-reg guide that focuses on the Scheme for Registration and is making it accessible to all trainees, regardless of where they work.

The Optometry Essentials guide aims to provide clinical, practical and professional guidance, while it also includes reflective activities and links to useful resources.

The 200-page guide is divided into three sections: professional assessment and record keeping, clinical case management of ocular conditions, and optical appliances and refractive management.

Hosted online, the guide is designed to allow pre-reg students to navigate and print off the sections they may find most useful.

Speaking about the revamped guide, head of optometry development at Specsavers, Kiki Soteri, said: “The guide is aimed at all undergraduate students who want to apply what they are learning to the workplace setting and everyone in their pre-registration period. The pre-reg period is a notoriously challenging time as they adjust to being assessed and examined while working in practice – so anything that can help to make that training period as positive and productive as possible has got to be a good thing.”

Having consulted on the project, newly-qualified optometrist, Bhargavi Zinzuwadia, who works at Specsavers Daventry, added: “I’ve recently experienced that really big step up from university to working in store as a pre-reg – it can be daunting. We’ve been mindful of that when updating this resource, so it includes the sort of real-life advice and handy hints that qualified practitioners often say they wish they’d known when they were doing their pre-reg.”