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Optegra reports that people are spending over 13 hours looking at a screen per day, on average

16 Apr 2019 by Emily McCormick

New research by specialist eye hospital group Optegra has found that Brits spend, on average, 13 hours and 34 minutes a day looking at their phones, laptops and other screens.

The average screen time comprises the time people spend on technology at work, at home and during their commute.

The survey was conducted by 4Com Media on behalf of Optegra and polled 1000 UK-based working professionals.

Optegra highlighted that the professionals spending the most time on screens included engineers, who total 18 hours and 40 minutes per day; IT specialists at 18 hours and 30 minutes; and accountants at 13 hours and 20 minutes.

Teachers and admin staff came in fourth and fifth, spending 12 hours and 27 minutes and nine hours and 28 minutes on a screen through the day, respectively.

Spending 85% of the waking day looking at a screen, Optegra warns that people could be jeopardising the quality of their sleep.

Optegra also found that of the professions spending the most time on screens, the sleep of engineers appeared to suffer the most, with 72% agreeing that too much screen time during the day affects their sleep. A total of 66% of IT specialists said their sleep suffered, while 40% of accountants agreed.

Eye sciences clinical research associate at Optegra, Sundeep Vaswani, said: “The amount of time people spend looking at screens throughout their day is very worrying. Optometrists are noticing an increase in tech-related eye strain and looking at the results of our research, this is no surprise.”

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