Valli Opticians provides school screening

Independent screens children’s vision in schools locally

Valli Opticians staff in a school

A Huddersfield-based independent has provided free vision screening to 90 reception-aged school children.

Optometrist and managing director of Valli Opticians, Moin Valli, performed the screening at Moorlands Primary School over two days.

Each child who had their vision screened received a report to take home to their parents.

Mr Valli highlighted: “Not all school children in the country are provided with vision screening via their local authority. So as part of our commitment to our local communities, we are offering free vision screening to schools that wouldn’t otherwise benefit from the service.”

The independent also provides school talks about eye health locally and has reached over 3000 children to date.

Passionate about children’s eye care, last year Valli Opticians launched a campaign that aimed to raise awareness of the importance of eye tests for children. The practice petitioned for children’s eye care to be included in the Personal Child Health Record, also known as the Red Book, which is given to all new parents and carers.

Mr Valli added: “There seems to be a general lack of awareness in the UK of the importance of regular eye examinations from an early age. We believe one reason for this may be the vague information about children’s eye health in the Red Book.”

The petition has secured 841 signatures to date.