Making the ‘dream partnership’ a reality

Specsavers has shared details of its Main Stage presentation and on-stand CET programme that will take place at 100% Optical 2019

100% Optical

Specsavers will provide an updated analysis of the threats to optometry, the barriers to change and what action needs to be taken during the multiple’s presentation at 100% Optical.

The company’s 100% Optical Main Stage session will take place on Saturday, 12 January at 1pm and will be presented by clinical services director at the multiple, Giles Edmonds.

At the trade show in 2018, co-founder of Specsavers, Doug Perkins, outlined his vision for optometrists to become GPs of the eyes and highlighted the need to change optometry through a ‘dream partnership’ with ophthalmologists.

Mr Edmonds will be followed by managing director of Newmedica, Darshak Shah, who will outline how patient-centred care, good governance and collaborative working can make the ‘dream partnership’ a reality for optometrists.

Consultant ophthalmologist and clinical director at Newmedica, Nigel Kirkpatrick, will then share examples of the partnership between ophthalmology and optometry from across the UK.

Specsavers also has an on-stand CET programme that includes peer discussions, lectures, workshops and quizzes.

Director of professional advancement at Specsavers, Paul Morris, said: “We are taking our brand-new package of learning into this new CET cycle. It will include consultant ophthalmologist-curated lectures aimed at further advancing collaborative care, as well as other topics which meet the needs of modern practitioners who are looking to make a difference in their patients’ lives.”

Up to 15 interactive CET points a day are available from Specsavers’ on-stand CET programme, which will be delivered by its professional development team. It will be located on stand B420.