Peace of mind

A Spalding resident visited her local optometrists before going on holiday and ended up being referred to hospital

Molsom & Associates

A patient at Molsom & Associates avoided a detached retina when they decided to visit the Lincolnshire-based practice before going on holiday.

Bernice Adcock, from Spalding, had floating spots in her vision and previously experienced small retinal tears and wanted peace of mind before travelling abroad.

She booked an eye exam and explained to optometrist, Andy Molsom, that her symptoms had improved and that she had been given the all clear following a hospital consultation three weeks prior.

On examination Mr Molsom discovered a retinal tear in her right eye. Using optical coherence tomography, he could see that it was still attached and decided to refer Ms Adcock to Pilgrim Hospital for an appointment that afternoon.

The ophthalmologist confirmed that there was a new large retinal tear in her right eye and she was immediately treated using laser retinopexy.

Speaking about the experience, Ms Adcock said that she may have had to cancel or rebook her holiday had it not been for Mr Molsom’s knowledge and equipment.

“Returning from the hospital to our home, walking past our packed suitcases in the hall made me realise that without Mr Molsom's efficiency, my retina could have detached during our flight. I don't like to think of the outcome if I hadn't gone to see him that afternoon,” she said.

Mr Molsom added that Ms Adcock was “very lucky” and did the right thing by booking an eye exam before going on holiday.

“While we only rarely see retinal tears or detached retinas, the advance of 3D OCT scanning technology enables us to see how the jelly in the eye is changing over time, monitor it and give specific advice to patients,” he said.

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