Contact lens recycling scheme introduced at Tompkins Knight & Son Optometrists

Patients and members of the public are being encouraged to drop off contact lens materials at the independent for recycling

Tompkins, Knight and Sons Optometrists' team

Northampton-based practice, Tompkins Knight & Son Optometrists, has introduced a complete recycling service for contact lens users.

A recycling station has been installed at the independent’s reception area, which allows patients and members of the public to drop off their old packaging, which is then sent away to be recycled.

Practice owner, Brian Tompkins, said: “Plastic is the scourge of the planet right now, polluting our oceans and having a huge detrimental impact on the environment. Introducing a contact lens recycling service is a small but vital step in the global war against single-use plastics. It’s a game-changer.”

Tompkins Knight & Son Optometrists is encouraging all contact lens wearers, not just its patients, in the Northampton area to drop off their lenses and packaging for recycling.

“By recycling these materials, we can help give them a new lease of life rather than adding to the mountain of single-use plastic clogging up our planet,” Mr Tompkins added.

Pictured is Lyndon Bird, Gareth Lehman and Brian Tompkins of Tompkins Knight & Son Optometrists.