Cataract aftercare accreditation

Optometrists gather for education on cataract aftercare

NewMedica Bristol event

Over 25 optometrists attended a CET-accredited education evening on cataract aftercare.

Hosted by NewMedica at its Bristol-based Litfield House clinic, practitioners from 18 different practices from across Bristol, Keynsham and Weston-super-Mare attended.

During the evening consultant ophthalmologists Jeremy Diamond and Will Sheehan spoke about post-operative complications after cataract surgery.


The Local Optical Committee Support Unit’s chief operating officer, Richard Whittington also attended the event to outline the local implementation of a national post-cataract framework that was agreed between the Unit and community ophthalmologists in April.

The clinic where the event was held accepts ophthalmology referrals from local optometrists, as well as GPs, with cataract patients returning to their optometrist for aftercare.