Optical Express issues cataract prevention message

The multiple has highlighted common signs of the eye disease as part of Cataract Awareness Month

Sight test

Optical Express is urging the British public to book an eye examination to prevent vision loss from cataract as the multiple claims that millions of people are unaware of the eye disease.

As part of Cataract Awareness Month (1–30 June), the multiple highlighted that people over the age of 40 are the age group most likely to be at risk of cataract.

Clinical services director at Optical Express, Stephen Hannan, said: “Patients who smoke, have diabetes or drink too much alcohol are among some of the predispositions for developing the disease faster in our experience.”

The multiple highlighted that the early onset of cataract can be identified through cloudy vision, problems with bright light, poor vision in reduced lighting, faded colour vision and frequent prescription changes.