TD Tom Davies stockist wins design award at Mido

The eyewear designer’s stockist won an international award for having the best layout

TD Tom Davies Ludwig Oehm Sehmanukatur store

A European stockist of British eyewear brand TD Tom Davies was recently presented with an award at Mido in Milan (24–26 February).

Located in Frankfurt, Ludwig Oehm Sehmanukatur is one of TD Tom Davies’ biggest stockists and received the Bestore Design Award for the layout of the store, which was described as ‘beautiful,’ ‘spacious’ and ‘well curated.’

The team’s dedication to creating profiles for their customers as soon as they step in to the store, and providing them with a small selection of frames that can be tailored to meet their needs has contributed to it popularity.

Tom Davies

Speaking about the requests it receives for TD Tom Davies customised eyewear, Ludwig Oehm Sehmanufaktur manager, Aniko Geué, said: “What we hear every single day is – ‘Do you also have the frame available in a different size?,’ ‘in another brown tone?,’ ‘it presses on my nose’ and so on.

“For requests like these, Tom Davies offers me various solutions; selecting the best size, adjusting the distance between the lenses to fit well, perfection of the arm length and choosing the perfect colour. In the same way that high-end progressive lenses are made for their individual wearer, frames also need to fit the anatomic contours of every individual.”

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