Bodybuilder celebrates restored vision

An international bodybuilder is competing in the European Championships following successful ortho-K

Steve Howarth

Bodybuilder Steven Howarth is celebrating 10 years of good vision after undergoing a non-surgical treatment that has corrected his vision.

The bodybuilder, who is about to take part in the European Championships, has been using orthokeratology (ortho-k) for the last decade.

Rotherham optometrist, Terrance English, who provided the treatment, explained: “We take topographical maps of the shape of the cornea, providing tens of thousands of miniscule measurements, and bespoke contact lenses that are made for Steven here in the UK”

Describing Mr Howarth’s vision as “stable” since he started using EyeDream, Mr English said that the bodybuilder is now free of spectacles and lenses all day. 

For Mr Howarth, who competes in body building competitions internationally, the treatment has fit in well with his exercise regime. He said: “I was fed up with spending money on glasses, and didn’t get on with daily contact lenses. I didn’t want to go down the laser eye surgery route so this is fantastic and I’m free to get on with my training.”

Mr English explained that although the treatment has worked well, it is temporary. Therefore Mr Howarth attends check-ups every six months to monitor progress. “Ortho-k only makes a temporary change to the cornea, and can be modified as the eye alters with age, and so the lens fitting is altered to correct the eye,” he said.