Growing with audiology

Amplify’s Peter Clack shared insight into the business benefits that audiology services can bring

100% Optical Audiology

Eye care and hearing care under one roof is “a healthcare synergy that patients want,” explained co-founder of Amplify, Peter Clack, during a talk at 100% Optical (27–29 January).

With an ageing population, more people require services such as eye care and hearing care, Mr Clack said when highlighting statistics that 40% of people over the age of 50 have hearing loss, with this increasing to 71% of those over the age of 70.

While service-need increases with age, as does people’s desire to access care with ease. “As people get older, they do not want to go to lots of different places for their healthcare needs,” he said. “This is why optometry and audiology forms a good marriage,” he added.

For these reasons, Mr Clack said that it was no surprise that companies such as Specsavers, Boots and Scrivens had begun integrating audiology into their business models a number of years ago.

Discussing why independent practices should consider introducing audiology into their offering too, Mr Clack pointed out the potential that the service brings, which includes new business, increased footfall and patient retention. “It will avoid patients shopping elsewhere for their hearing care,” he said, highlighting the increased risk of them sourcing their eye care elsewhere during this process.

Encouraging independent practices to consider offering audiology, Mr Clark concluded: “If you have an empty clinic once a week, or even just once a month, it is a loss of revenue if it’s doing nothing so why not consider welcoming an audiologist in?”