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Safeguarding your driving licence

Vision Express and Red have partnered to improve road safety in the UK

19 Feb 2018 by Andrew McClean

Over 100,000 new learner drivers will receive free sight tests and discounted eye care each year as a result of a new partnership.

Vision Express and driving school Red have partnered to educate learner drivers about the importance of regular sight tests for both safe driving and for the detection of wider health conditions.

CEO of Vision Express, Jonathan Lawson, said: “It is estimated that crashes involving a driver with poor vision causes 2900 casualties each year, so there is clearly a job to be done to encourage people to get a regular eye test, and learner drivers are crucial because they’re at the very start of their motoring life.”

“Red research reveals its learner drivers pass their driving test with an average of 34 hours of learning. We’re hoping to reach these young drivers before they hit the roads without their ‘L’ plates and educate them on the fact that around 50% of sight loss is preventable, so regular eye tests can not only safeguard your sight, but your driving licence too,” he added. 

A recent poll carried out by the multiple found that 60% of drivers believe that the existing registration plate test is an inadequate method of determining good vision.

The poll also found that 20% of drivers haven’t had a sight test in over five years, and 94% did not realise that they could lose 40% of their vision without noticing. 


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