Specsavers seeks external partners

The multiple has launched a new programme to attract optometrists from outside the company

Specsavers partnership scheme

Specsavers has launched a new scheme in parts of the UK where the multiple has found it difficult to attract optometry partners.

Its new clinical leadership programme is designed to attract experienced optometrists from outside the company and develop them into future partners.

Successful candidates, who will be known as partners in development, will receive an annual salary of £66,000, a car allowance and a bonus. 

Partners in development will also receive mentoring and training, as well as the guarantee of a partnership when a local opportunity becomes available, following completion of the programme. 

Specsavers partnership scheme

Director of professional recruitment and retention at Specsavers, Nimesh Popat, said: “Partnership is at the very heart of everything we do at Specsavers and clinical leadership has always played a key role in our success.”

“Now we are going one step further with the launch of the partner in development programme so that optometrists can own their own business, as well as lead and develop a team of individuals to deliver the best optical services and patient care on the High Street,” he added. 

Training will be delivered one day a week for the first six months at the host store, and then externally for one day a week via the Specsavers pathway programme. 

Specsavers is currently seeking applicants in Bristol, Gloucester, Hampshire, Devon, Norfolk, Suffolk and parts of north east England.