Specsavers Audiology opens in Australia

The first two businesses have been opened by a brother and sister

Specsavers has opened its first two Australian audiology businesses on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

The partnership model has seen Andrew Fraser open an audiology business in the Specsavers Runway Bay optical store, while his sister Rochelle Fraser has opened in the Specsavers Tweed City store.

After first opening its audiology business in the UK in 2004, the multiple now plans to offer hearing aids and care at 200 locations in Australia.

“We aim to bring the same level of accessibility and affordability to people requiring hearing aids as we have to those needing glasses and contact lenses,” Specsavers Audiology executive director, Darrel Magna, explained.

He added: “As we open the first of many, many audiology businesses across Australia, we stand by our commitment to offer the highest quality professional service and the best possible value in hearing device technology.”

Specsavers Audiology partner, Andrew Fraser, commented that it currently takes most Australians up to ten years to acknowledge that they have hearing loss before taking action.

“The customers we will look after are already used to coming in to Specsavers and our service will be mentioned to every single one of them, as they come in to the optical store,” Mr Fraser said.

“The level of support, the Specsavers marketing and competitive hearing aid pricing all work to provide real value to customers, which is exactly what I want as a partner,” he added. 

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