Leightons autumn clinical conference a 'success'

Leightons’ autumn clinical conference saw several speakers presenting on differing aspects of enhanced clinical care, with a focus on OCT

29 Sep 2015 by Michael Read

Leightons Opticians and Hearing Care hosted its 2015 clinical conference in Guildford, earlier this month (10 September).

The conference was reported to have ‘effectively’ delivered Leightons’ key message: that its company goal is to give customers the ‘ultimate examination’ including an optical coherence tomography (OCT) examination.

Honing in on this, the conference welcomed several key speakers on the subject, including the managing director of BBR Optometry, Nick Rumney, who focused on the differentiating optometry with OCT in everyday practice.

Other conference speakers also considered different aspects of enhanced clinical care. CEO of Evolutio, Peter Price-Taylor, for example, introduced delegates to eGuide, Leightons’ pilot scheme that allows optometrists to remotely contact consultant ophthalmologists for a second opinion.

Leightons’ director of professional services, Andrew Bridges, said: “The whole event fully supported our aim to ensure that our customers can live their lives to the full, and we were delighted by its success and the positive feedback we received from delegates and presenters alike.”