Campaign to encourage people to try CLs launched

Vision Direct has begun a social media campaign to encourage more people to try contact lenses

18 Sep 2015 by Emily McCormick

Online contact lens retailer Vision Direct has launched an initiative to encourage people to try contact lenses.

The social media campaign, #TryContacts, aims to persuade more spectacles-wearers to try contact lenses and increase the number of people seeing them as a viable options for vision correction, the company explained.

A series of videos have been produced by Vision Direct, in partnership with, and will be promoted across the company’s social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. The videos are described as lighthearted and include a lady unsuccessfully trying to apply false eyelashes, a young man encountering an awkward moment at dinner with his new boyfriend and a would-be superhero finding out that glasses are the very last thing he needs to complete his look.

Chief marketing officer at Vision Direct, Ashley Mealor, said: “We hope this campaign will make more people think about the benefits of switching to contact lenses. Many glasses-wearers are unaware that they can buy contact lenses online and that they are an affordable option.”

“By allowing consumers to engage with Vision Direct on social media, we hope to raise awareness about the possibility of buying contact lenses as easily as they buy anything else online.”

To view the videos, visit Vision Direct’s YouTube channel.