Broadcaster appears in latest advert for VE

Sir Trevor McDonald OBE features in Vision Expresses latest eye health campaign adverts

08 Jun 2015 by Emily McCormick

Newsreader Sir Trevor McDonald OBE features in Vision Express’ new ‘Eyewitness’ television advert which encourages the people to take eye health seriously. 

The 60-second advert airred for the first time on Channel 4 on Sunday (7 June). It uses footage of Sir McDonald during significant moments in history during his broadcasting career which spans more than 40 years. Integrating studio reports and live feeds, viewers are taken back to historical events such the fall of the Berlin Wall and Ronald Regan’s appointment as US President.

Closing with the message, ‘look after your eyes and they could last a lifetime,’ the advert has been released as part of Vision Express’ ‘Vision. Taken Seriously’ campaign. 

Established in 2014, ‘Vision. Taken Seriously’ is calls on the industry and members of the public to acknowledge the importance of a sight test. 

Marketing director at Vision Express, Andy Portsmouth, said: “Over half of your memories are visual. By looking after your eyes your vision can last a lifetime, which is why we think it is important you have an eye test at least every two years. An eye test not only provides an accurate assessment of your ability to see, but can result in early identification of broader health issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure.”


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