Vision Express closing in store laboratories

Majority of lens production is moving to a centralised facility

01 Apr 2015 by Robina Moss

Vision Express is closing over half of its in-store laboratories and moving 60% of its lens production to a new centralised facility in Nottingham from May.

Approximately 80 employees could be affected by the move and the multiple is currently undergoing a formal consultation process. The remaining 40% of in-store laboratories will remain in operation. 

Vision Express chief executive officer, Jonathan Lawson, explained: “Ensuring an unrivalled customer experience is at the heart of this move. A new centralised facility is a significant investment for Vision Express and will ensure, in a competitive sector, we are at the forefront of this evolving industry and can continue to grow our business.” 

Mr Lawson added: “A small number of lab-based employees (2% of our 4,000-strong workforce) will be potentially affected. We are currently undergoing a formal consultation process, with a commitment to redeploying staff where possible and avoiding compulsory redundancies.”

Mr Lawson emphasised that the optical industry has changed significantly since the multiple was established more than 25 years ago. “Customers now expect a choice of stylish glasses with the latest technology lens and are moving towards the most advanced and comfortable contact lenses,” he explained. 

“Vision Express has successfully evolved its offer to deliver the highest standard of optical care, alongside a wide range of quality products, which offer value for money.”

He concluded: “The industry-leading centre will deliver technologically advanced and complex products. Each of our frames will be assembled by hand in Nottingham with an expert design and build, from a facility operational seven days per week.”


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