Vision Direct and the Outside Clinic have been listed in the annual list of 1,000 companies to inspire Britain

Vision Direct and the Outside Clinic have been listed in the annual list of 1,000 companies to inspire Britain

17 Mar 2015 by Ryan O'Hare

Two optical companies have been listed among the most inspirational companies in the UK. Online retailer, Vision Direct, and domiciliary opticians and hearing specialist, the Outside Clinic, were counted in an annual report of ‘inspirational companies,’ compiled by the London Stock Exchange.

The 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2015 report identifies some of the fastest-growing and most dynamic businesses in the UK, and is part of the London Stock Exchange’s wider efforts to support growing UK businesses. The report also looks at the challenges and opportunities facing small and medium sized-businesses, and explores the trends which may shape the future of the economy.

This year’s report lists Vision Direct and the Outside Clinic among companies from a range of sectors, and shows the biggest growth sectors to be information technology, retail and real estate.

Group marketing director for Vision Direct, Ashley Mealor, told OT: “Vision Direct is thrilled to be one of LSE Group's 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2015 and part of their ELITE programme for fast-growing and dynamic businesses. From humble beginnings we’ve grown to become the UK’s largest online supplier of contact lenses and eye care products, acquiring our largest competitor in 2014 and growing into several European Markets, including Italy, Netherlands and Spain. With further expansions on the horizon and a growing team in our head office and warehouse, we're proud to be supporting British infrastructure by creating jobs and increasing industry demand.”

Managing director of the Outside Clinic, Damian Kenning, commented: “This prestigious accolade is as much welcomed as it was unexpected. Whilst we have always hoped and believed we have inspired and innovated within our own profession, to gain this recognition in all business sectors and across the country is quite something.”

Mr Kenning added: “I and all my staff are delighted and proud to be included. This has been a complete surprise and is up there with being voted Company of the Year by our peers a couple of years ago. It’s another testament to the hard work and dedication of all of us at Head Office and out working in the community.”

The full report is available online.


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