Eye care start-ups head to London

Up to 10 start-up companies involved in the eye care sector will be attending workshops, and networking and funding events as part of the eye focus accelerator programme

Eye care startups head to London
An accelerator programme aimed at helping startup companies in the field of eye care is running in London this week.

The EyeFocus Accelerator programme, which was launched last year, will be held in the capital until Friday.

Twenty startups have now been accepted onto the programme, up to 10 of which will spend the week in London attending meetings and sessions with investors and industry leaders.

Some of the technology companies involved include those producing wearable technology for blind and deaf people, artificial retinas to replace damaged photoreceptors, and augmented reality software for people with visual impairment.

Based in Berlin, the eyefocus accelerator programme will run between the German capital and London.

Throughout this week the chosen startups will meet a number of industry and innovation experts, attend workshops on crowdfunding and product commercialisation, meet with sector leaders, such as the RNIB and Moorfields, and be introduced to potential investors at a Bloomberg investor event.