Eyespace launches Arhlo campaign

The project invites practices and patients to become the faces of the marketing campaign

A pair of Eyespace frames from the Arhlo collection made from a dappled blue, red and brown frame in a squared style

Eyewear manufacturer, Eyespace, has launched a social media campaign to mark the launch of 12 new additions to the Arhlo collection.

Through the Are you Arhlo? initiative, practices and their patients are invited to become the faces of the new marketing campaign by submitting a photo of wearers in the new frames. If selected, the images will feature in a promotional campaign starting in the summer.

The campaign aims to celebrate the diversity of frame wearers and the wide appeal of the Arhlo collection, Eyespace shared.

Three polaroid-style pictures show selfies of Arhlo frame wearers: Ann wears a pair of oversized square frames with an upswept cat’s-eye, Ed has a more traditional frame shape in an interesting colour pallette of browns and greens, while Kate has Havana rectangle frames. Large text on a blue background reads: ‘Are you Arhlo?’
Eyespace is inviting Arhlo wearers to become the faces of the campaign

Nicky Clement, head of marketing at Eyespace, explained: “As a brand dedicated to inclusivity, this campaign allows us to truly engage with patients and practices in innovative ways while highlighting the diversity of Arhlo wearers.”

“Arhlo is committed to sustainability, affordability, and celebrating individuality, making high-style eyewear accessible to everyone,” Clement continued, adding: “We are excited to invite our customers to join us on this journey and become part of the Arhlo story.”

Practices can also use Arhlo-themed animations, including polaroid frames and moving logos on Instagram Stories, by typing the name of the collection into the GIF search bar.

Wearer photo submissions will need to be high-quality and either a selfie or portrait against a plan background. For more information on the campaign and photo submission details, contact Eyespace.